Your Loss EP

by Gentleman.BOSS

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Sometimes you just gotta move on to bigger, more positive things.


released July 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Gentleman.BOSS New York

Gentleman.BOSS is a solo project best described as folktronica, taking random, heavy cues from electronica, drum & bass, and combining it with live instrumentation and vocals associated with folk music.

Created using KORG apps on Nintendo 3DS, combined with both VST and live instruments, it is driven purely by a craving to write and play music in absence of a multi-person band.
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Track Name: Tree Debris
Don't choke!
Track Name: Vain Princess Jane and Her Forever Inebriated Jester
Oh Princess Jane is at her tricks again
She bites your thumb but still seeks your acclaim
Her petty pursuits are all just a game
She’ll stab your back until she gets her way

Oh Princess Jane, she has a Jester, say
She claps her hands to see his foolish ways
His drunken antics are sad just the same
He downs his pints to wash away the shame
Track Name: 900 Knives
900 Problems
900 Crimes
900 Scoundrels
900 Times
900 Heroes
900 Lives
900 Knives

900 knives raised in righteous rage
900 fight to live another day
900 villains aim to strike us down
900 heroes make a solemn vow
Track Name: 9 Echo 1
Those lights and sirens
Cry out Echo
We ask ourselves
For whom they toll
Those lights and sirens
Streak into view
Don’t stop and ask
Next time it could be you

I saw that biker, he’s riding home
Coming from his girlfriend’s house, the last she’d ever know
That lady never saw him, when he tried to make that light
Now she’s got to bear the knowledge she had just taken a life

Three times a week or so Ms. Mary takes a trip
With multi organ failure, she just ain’t got long to live
Now she spends more hours hooked up to that damn machine
Than with her seven grandkids who she’ll never again see

Now here’s a sad one, just twenty six years old
While having family dinner he went down right in his home
His heart had stopped beating for 10 minutes they say
They could bring him back to consciousness but they couldn’t save his brain
It’s seventeen years later not a thought runs through his head
He’s breathin through a stoma never movin’ from that bed
No man should have to live that way, is it even life at all
He’ll slowly fade away while his family watches on
Track Name: Longer, More Frigid
You awoke at nine on that long, frigid day
The house was now empty, you had nothing left to say
That icy rain slowly had turned into snow
As if it had mattered, you had nowhere to go